While the selfie craze may leave you wondering what good is coming out of the world of potentially risking your privacy, taking naked selfies has actually proven itself to be beneficial in a health aspect. A recent story of a women diagnosed with a skin disorder simply from her selfie is inspirational if anything. Naked selfies are definitely worth taking if they are used in the right way and at the right time.

If you take a naked selfie, be advised that it is obviously risky if you share it with other people. At any point a significant other could turn into your enemy, so be sure that you trust whomever you share them with. If you are taking a naked selfie, you do not even have to include your face in the photo at all, protecting your privacy even further. Another mistake would be sending your naked selfie to a parent, teacher, employer or another person that you simply do not want to see you naked. That would be a huge mistake that could potentially land you in deep trouble. Be as safe as you can with naked selfies and if you can't, then stick to normal face selfies! We often see of in the news of politicians making a mistake of taking horrific pictures of themselves and sending it to someone who in turn makes it public – don't let that person be you!

If you are taking a naked selfie – be creative! You can use photo effects and editing techniques to make the most out of your photo that you share with other special people. Naked selfies can be stored on your phones, on emails – or to be at least a little more safe you can use anonymous apps such as Whisper to display your goods. Remember, be safe with your naked selfies and be sure that you always protect your privacy especially with authority figures. You don't want to lose your job or title over a selfie! Anyway you use them, naked selfies can be a lot of fun and a great surprise for your tech-savvy friends and partners in life!

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